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Baryan Biology Technology Co. Ltd is a professional cosmetic corporation specialized in investigation, production, sales of branding cosmetics and hairdressing education. The banner of Baryan, Ya Lu Cosmetics Factory, provides cosmetics OEM and ODM services besides of producing Baryan branded products. Baryan Biology Technology Co. Ltd is the pioneer of skin care in China and market leader of the total wellbeing concept. Baryan continues to dedicate resources and carry out research to further explore the potential advantages of natural resources to provide total wellbeing products for the world. It boasts a comprehensive range of cosmetics which reflect a history of experience. In 1987, Baryan began with a selection of exquisite pure cosmetics, conducting inspiring seminars and workshops in different area. Today, Baryan is recognized as the beauty industry expert and is supported by enrichment programs and training options. Baryan continues its vision for beauty and wellbeing with t... [Details]
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